What is PLEXR Plasma?

Developed and originated in Italy, Plexr Plasma is a special medical device that is different from invasive surgery and can generate plasma by stimulating electric ions in the air. During the treatment, the heat is focused specifically on the affected area so that the skin in the surrounding area is not damaged and excess skin is evaporated, which triggers the remaining tissue to shrink and promote new collagen production. This process helps make skin look firmer and reduce wrinkles.

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How does PLEXR Plasma Work?

Plexr works based on plasma created from ionized gas molecules from the air. The skin is touched with these gas molecules during the treatment, causing the skin fibers to contract. Treatment with the Plexr consists of a series of these touches so that you can work with precision on particular problem areas. Plexr enables the doctor to lift in a targeted manner and to give certain facial areas their shape again.

What can be Treat?

EyeBag Correction

PLEXR provides a reliable, secure, non-invasive, and non-surgical option to surgical procedures including blepharoplasty (eyebag correction). With ideal outcomes and none of the risks associated with surgical blepharoplasty, Plexr Blepharoplasty minimizes excess skin on the lower eye area.

Smoke Bar

PLEXR creates plasma to sublimate wrinkles. Deeper tissues are unaffected as it solely targets the skin’s surface cells with its energy. The initial consequence is a decrease in wrinkles and a shrinkage of the skin surrounding the lip.


PLEXR is beneficial for all other skin conditions. PLEXR eliminates keloids, cysts, nodules, etc. without the risk of scarring, and can be used on existing scarring to stimulate new collagen formation.